Ad Tech

Reach your ideal costumers with the audiences of

The synergy between the network’s audience and our programmatic solution, make it possible to
transmit advertising content only to users that are really interested in your offer.

AI-Powered Data & Targeting

The data-driven approach and the audience extension activity allow programmatic to analyze and develop in an automatic way (thanks to its proprietary algorithm) of behavior clusters, which tend to reach the brand’s KPI goals.


Message broking
Data enrichment


Premium publishing network

Thanks to a publishing team of professionals and a sophisticated technology of content ideation and creation (C-Platform), manages a premium publishing network, which owns the site and other 27 vertical portals.

users every month

visits every month

followers in the world

Constant optimization

Every advertising campaign is monitored in real time and optimized to reach the predetermined goal. The performances gradually improve as the AI learns the specific moments that influence the customer’s conversion.

Predictive technology

Constant learning

Analysis of the most relevant signs

IAB Standard formats combined with Rich Media

Our technological solution allows the combination of creative potential of influential formats with data efficacy.
This way allows for an exponential improvement of the activities with the Brand Awareness goal.