Contents takes Content Automation to Netcomm 2022

― 23 May 2022

The tech company will take part in the key event for the retail ecommerce market that will be held on May, 3-4 2022 at MICO – Milano Fiera Congressi


What are the innovations and the trends in the current evolution of e-commerce and digital retail market in Italy and on a global scale? How are they changing consumption behavior on a level of experience and service-wise? What are the successful business models and how is the competitive scenery evolving? These are the questions that Netcomm wants to answer. The retail ecommerce exhibition took place on May, 3-4 2022 at MICO in Milan. was among the main participants. The tech company is revolutionizing Content Automation thanks to artificial intelligence. The company, at the 0-ST6 stand, actively took part in the event with two talks, held respectively by the company’s CPO Francesco Magnocavallo on May, 4 at 2:10 pm and by the Marketing Manager Micaela Raimondi at 2:30 pm.


“Netcomm is one of the most important international displays for all companies that work in the digital innovation field”, says’s CEO Massimiliano Squillace. “A unique moment for all insiders of this industry, which, after a break of two years, were finally able to meet again and see first-hand the news related to new technologies and digital disruption. At Contents, we wanted to participate actively, offering two moments of training. The first one, about a topic very important to us, will tell the role of our platform in the transformation of the relationship between man and machine in a cooperative view and the increasing role of AI in supporting creative industries. The second speech will outline specifically the peculiarities of as a one-stop-shop solution that helps companies to produce unique and performing multilingual content, integrating AI’s efficiency with human creativity”


In addition, just for the occasion of Netcomm, the company introduced the new e-commerce module of the platform, based on artificial intelligence and powered by some of the most state-of-the-art NLG (Natural Language Generation) software. The tool will help customers in overcoming the obstacle of duplicated content, which has detrimental effects on a SEO level, creating descriptions of original and high-quality products in any language in a very short time. 7 tools for content creation, created as a one-stop-shop of ideation, creation and transformation of content, is capable of offering many solutions to support customers’ content strategy, leaving AI to perform routine work and human experience to perform creative and strategic work. In its updated version, they created seven different tools, each one of them with a different function: for the ideation phase, Brainstorming and Industry’s Trends; for the phase of creation, Request a Text, Seo and E-Commerce content and, finally, for the transformation phase, translation and Audio Text.


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