Writer’s block? Contents.com handles it with its two tools Brainstorm and Industry Trends

― 11 April 2022

Looking for ideas and inspiration based on the topics of interest, measuring their relevance and thus finding the input to start with the writing: to support ideation, the preliminary phase of the content creation process, Contents.com company offers two digital tools based on artificial intelligence: Brainstorm and Industry Trends.

The drama of the blank page: anyone who works in the content creation industry has had to deal with the cursor that flashes empty on the worksheet at least once in their professional career. For content creators, this dreaded moment is a real drama: they are expected to never run out of ideas, as the writer’s job is frequently to produce creative, captivating and engaging text regardless of the information available. The level of experience does not matter; writer’s block can indiscriminately affect novices to the profession as well as the most experienced. The longer you convince yourself that the idea won’t come, the harder it will be to unlock the mechanism and get back on track, and the content creator’s frustration level will rise.  However, experiencing stalling does not mean being condemned to be stuck forever. In fact, there are some useful expedients to overcome writer’s block and help creators come up with interesting ideas to fill the blank sheet.


Overcoming Writer’s Block: Ideation Tools


Contents.com has created two useful tools to support teams throughout the content creation process: a process that does not only concern the actual writing phase but that presupposes an equally creative preliminary moment, that of ideation. This is an essential phase in which the content creator needs ideas related to the topics of interest, measures their relevance and thus finds the input to start with the writing.

Brainstorm, tool accessible from Contents.com after registration, is ideal for laying the foundations of a text and finding the right inspiration. It is based on one of the most advanced artificial intelligence software in automatic text writing, thus ensuring a high degree of accuracy. By indicating the topic of interest, the system automatically processes informative or creative copy, depending on the customer’s need.

Industry Trends,  on the other hand, is a tool that allows you to always keep up with the latest news related to any market, thus giving you the opportunity to create updated and relevant content. Depending on the selected sector, the tool proposes a series of news items characterized by a headline, brief news summary, media coverage, and sentiment score.

We tend to think that writer’s block is more of a cliché than a real problem,” says Massimiliano Squillace, CEO of Contents,Instead, we are aware that when it occurs, it can seriously undermine a content creator and, as a result, create frustration by slowing down his work and the achievement of the goal. Infected companies always expect punctuality and impeccability of the result. That’s why, in updating the platform, we wanted to take into account this problem and provide maximum support to overcome it. With these new tools, the content creator will find an effective tool to help his work, which will certainly not replace his role but will make the task easier and easier.


Contents.com: The seven tools for content creation 

Contents.com, conceived as a one-stop shop for the ideation, creation and transformation of content, is able to offer several solutions aimed at supporting the content strategy of its customers, leaving AI the routine work and the human experience the creative and strategic one. In its updated version, it has designed seven different tools, each of which with a very specific function: for the conception phase, Brainstorm and Industry Trends; for the creation phase, Brief a Writer, Seo Content and E-commerce; finally, for the transformation phase, Translation and Audio ↔ Text.

The phases of content ideation, creation and transformation are thus widely supported by Contents’ tools that, by breaking down language and format silos, also allow its clients to reach new audiences.

For more information on the platform and its products, please visit the website www.contents.com