The desire to change the world and make it a harmonious place in which to live is our goal:

we do it by bringing people together, creating relationships and encouraging empathy and joy.

Our corporate culture is stated clearly in this document: we are proud of our core values.

We believe that the sky is the limit. We stretch our horizons by hiring the most talented people, respecting, and including everyone, and avoiding any kind of discrimination.

Our strength lies in creating the perfect balance between:

  • total mutual transparency
  • completely trusting the judgment of our employees
  • creating an open, democratic working environment free from any unnecessary hierarchical rules

It is exactly what big companies do. And we do the same, every single day.

We encourage our team to collaborate in a free and constructive way, aiming to listen to everyone’s opinion in order to stimulate ideas and even bigger dreams.

We are flexible: ours is a philosophy of mutual respect in the name of equality. We believe in the power of art, in the power of laughter in order to create a peaceful environment free from performance anxiety.

We focus on those who respect the world and those who support policies for integration and equality.


Our rules were written for everyone and are not vague or meaningless. They are designed to give a voice to freedom and to bring out the best in everyone.

In our corporate culture, you will always have the opportunity to:


  • grasp the nuances of each option and then identify the best one based on the information given
  • strategically think about the best solution knowing that your thoughts will be carefully considered
  • use your natural abilities to inform long-term decisions


  • spread your knowledge expressing yourself as clearly as possible
  • freely express your opinions because they are important and keep the company dynamic
  • keep calm in chaotic situations to maintain order and harmony

Stimulate curiosity

  • learn from the most talented people with the most up-to-date technology
  • create connections with the world to broaden your perspective
  • understand other perspectives, realizing that what is different could bring about improvement

Show courage

  • express strength and determination in all situations
  • show your vulnerability if situations are difficult
  • don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t fear failure

Participate with passion

  • Embrace inspiration and dreams with passion
  • Show persistence and remain positive even in difficult situations
  • Care for your colleagues and always respect them

Our work, every day, will strive to embed our core values of harmony and well-being in the workplace.


  • Your new ideas will be the driving force and our strength
  • Experiment with complex ideas and don’t be afraid of the magnitude of our tasks: we believe in each other 
  • Discover and create brand new innovations


  • Collaborate with others – everyone is able to add something to your life
  • Appreciate different perspectives, anything, and everything is possible
  • Make your voice heard if someone is left out


  • Fairness and integrity are essential qualities to create trust
  • You will always be treated with respect; we care about your place in the company
  • Feel free to disagree, debate gives rise to great ideas


  • Great minds lead to great ideas
  • Make those around you feel good, encourage them to be positive
  • Think about how to change the world, even in small ways

If you think you can put our values ​​into practice, our company will be the perfect incubator for your talent.

We are not infallible, but we aim for greatness and we believe that everyone can contribute to improving the world in which we live. We want to push you to do your best. We want to know what your dream is.

Dream Team

We believe in the redeeming power of challenges which is why we always surround ourselves with the best people. We could not do anything without our dream team who study the company and its needs every day, constantly developing the most innovative and revolutionary solutions.

This revolution happens every day and is fully realized in our abilities and attitudes.

We work hard but laugh a lot together because fun is what makes our time in the office magical. It does not hold us back, we feel good together and we are stronger when we have shared goals.

We travel together: our dreams and our ambitions are as one.

We like music, cinema and theater, we believe that culture is the best vehicle to understand politics, fix things and make sense of society.

We hire the best people; we hire those who also want to laugh in the face of adversity, using their creativity and instinct to overcome challenges.

We are looking for instinct and reason, noise and silence, fire and water. We need every part of your intellect.

As part of our dream team, you can play, dare, and bring out the best in everyone.

We exchange our opinions harmoniously every day, we do not need cold hierarchies. Each manager and team leader always communicates with everyone honestly and transparently. We encourage collaboration and proactivity because a harmonious working relationship will come from that base.

We explore all avenues of possibility. We are part of a huge, ever-changing company. We follow the evolution in the name of culture and science: we want to promote the best projects.