Automating the creation of e-commerce product cards? launches its new e-commerce module

― May 3, 2022 has developed a new integrated e-commerce module for its content creation platform: an artificial intelligence-based tool to create high-quality, original, multilingual and SEO-friendly product cards as quickly as possible.

The module has been presented to the public for the first time at NetComm 2022, the benchmark event for the retail e-commerce industry, staged at MICO – Milano Fiera Congressi on 3 and 4 May 2022.


Milan, 3 May 2022 – In the last two years, shopping habits have undergone an irreversible change in favour of e-commerce: accustomed to the convenience of shopping at the click of a button, with fast delivery and efficient returns services, online shopping has seen a marked and steady upsurge. The consequence of this trend is that an increasing number of companies have chosen to enter the digital market to respond to the decline in offline sales and to ride the wave of this new opportunity., conscious of the growing need for companies to better structure their online presence, has developed for them a new e-commerce module integrated in its one-stop shop platform for content creation: a useful tool for creating high quality, original, multilingual and SEO-friendly product cards in the fastest possible way. Opening an e-commerce business requires a certain amount of preparation: nothing can be left to chance, and it is necessary to use the right tools to be able to offer buyers the best possible shopping experience, taking into account the inevitable competition with the biggest marketplaces., conceived as a one-stop shop for the conception, creation and transformation of content, is able to offer numerous solutions aimed at supporting the content strategy of its clients, leaving the routine work to AI and the creative and strategic work to human expertise. In its updated version, it has designed seven different tools, each with a specific function: for the conception phase, Brainstorm and Industry Trends; for the creation phase, Brief a Writer, SEO Content and E-commerce; and finally for the transformation phase, Translation and Audio ↔ Text.



The e-commerce module, based on artificial intelligence, is powered by one of the most advanced NLG (Natural Language Generation) software tools on the market. It can help customers overcome the problem of duplicate content by creating original, high-quality, multilingual product cards in very little time. Indeed, one of the easiest mistakes to make, and one of the most damaging, is the production of duplicate content, as this always harms the visibility and online presence of products. Google’s algorithms respond with particular stringency to those who do not use original and unique content, resulting in products that risk disappearing from Google search results altogether and a consequent reduction in sales volume.

“The e-commerce module offered by is particularly useful in certain scenarios: to obtain simple and immediate product descriptions, without over-elaborate linguistic constructions but always of the highest quality; when you simply start with characteristic keywords to have SEO-optimized texts; if you need to resell products on marketplaces. There is also a specific version for Amazon cards that guarantees the uniqueness of the product description,” says Stefano Lena, VP of Sales at “The advantage also lies in the ability to use the intervention of the human reviewer for a subsequent revision of the product cards generated by the AI in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.” 



The platform gives its users the opportunity to interact with the new e-commerce module in two ways, depending on their specific needs. The first method involves entering a number of keywords, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7, each separated by a comma. The module will return a short original text of 400-500 characters. The second method involves entering the name of the product or its code (ASIN or GTIN). The result will be an original and complex text, up to 2000 characters long, consisting of a description, a bulleted list of the main features, attributes and technical specifications.   


The e-commerce module is already available, in fact it has been realesed during NetComm 2022, the reference event in Italy for e-commerce, digital retail and business innovation, staged at MiCO – Milano Fiera Congressi on 3 and 4 May 2022.