Secures $18 Million in Series B Funding to Revolutionize AI-Powered Content Creation

― January 8, 2024

We at are thrilled to announce a landmark achievement in our journey – an impressive $18 million in Series B funding. This significant investment, led by Alkemia Capital and Thomson Reuters Venture, and supported by contributions from FNDX and Invictus Capital, is a strong vote of confidence in our innovative approach to AI-driven content creation.

Founded in 2021, our vision at has always been clear: to lead the way in AI orchestration for content creation. Our enterprise platform expertly addresses the challenges of integrating multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) into a unified, cost-effective service. Our mission transcends mere technological advancement; we are committed to forging a future where AI is an integral part of every business aspect.

Since our inception in 2021, we’ve demonstrated remarkable growth, with our customer base expanding to thousands worldwide, including several billion-dollar companies. Our consistent double-digit year-over-year growth since our beginning underscores our success and the market’s trust in our capabilities.

Our global reach, extending across Europe, Latam, North America, and Asia, speaks volumes about the effectiveness and versatility of our solutions. Our platform serves as a vital link, seamlessly connecting LLMs with enterprises, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our innovative SaaS software integrates AI into everyday business operations, establishing it as an indispensable tool across various sectors.

This new round of funding represents more than just financial growth for; it is an affirmation of our dedication to challenging and transforming the tech industry. We plan to use this investment to further enhance our technological capabilities and expand our Innovation Technology and Sales teams worldwide, thereby strengthening our position as leaders in the AI content creation space.

Our focus has always been on forging collaborations that align with our innovative vision. This Series B funding is a clear indication of our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing high-quality, multilingual content creation globally. We are passionate about transforming global communication and connecting ideas and cultures through our advanced AI solutions.

We were expertly guided through this funding round by the strategic legal advice of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, led by Partner Attilio Mazzilli and Managing Associate Livia Maria Pedroni, which highlights Orrick’s commitment to supporting growth and innovation in the technology sector.

Our platform caters to a diverse range of users, from individual bloggers to large corporations. A standout feature is our ‘Brand Voice’ service, which allows businesses to create content that resonates with their unique brand identity through AI-driven customization.

With this new funding, we are poised to make a significant impact on the global tech landscape. Our journey in AI orchestration is just beginning, and there’s much more on the horizon. For more information on our path-breaking journey in AI-powered content creation and to stay up-to-date with our latest developments, visit our website at and follow us on LinkedIn. We’re at the forefront of the future of content creation, and this is just the beginning.