has launched its new updated platform: the keyword is creativity

― 8 April 2022

Making content marketing scalable to unleash creativity: this is the goal of Contents, which launches its new platform to strategically support users in content creation, strengthening the union between expert copywriters and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the seven tools Brainstorm, Industry Trends, Brief a Writer, SEO Content, E-Commerce, Translation and Audio ↔ Text, it’s possible to engage in every step of content creation.


Having achieved significant milestones in 2021, has already inaugurated the New Year with an important new feature: a platform with updated tools designed for content creation. is a one-stop shop for content ideation, creation and transformation.  Such a result is possible thanks to the consolidated expertise gained by the company, a strong corporate culture and a solid team made up of top-level professionals from all over the world.

The platform, designed to be a useful tool to create high quality content, offers several solutions to support the clients’ content strategy. In particular, the new updates are the result of an analysis of common problems that companies have to deal with: the growing need for content while facing the lack of time and resources available to marketing and communications teams.

For this reason, after an important testing phase, Contents has chosen to offer all the tools necessary in the various steps of content creation, leaving the routine work to the AI and the creative, strategic work to human experience. 

The new features on the platform: tools for designing, creating and transforming content.

In response to the increasingly wide and precise demand for content, the team at Contents decided to improve the combination between expert copywriters and artificial intelligence by introducing new innovative tools. The company, therefore, chose to completely restyle the existing platform, from the graphics to the tools available for its members, which are now even easier to use and enriched with new features. 

Contents leads its clients through all the stages of content marketing supported not only by a team of expert copywriters, but also by one of the most sophisticated and advanced software available. To have a software like this becomes an added value for small companies which otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of a tool of such level. 

The 7 tools of the platform: from Trends to Conversion

Contents helps the teams in every step of content creation: ideation, creation and transformation, breaking down language and format silos, in order to help clients to reach new audiences. There are seven tools available to clients in total, all specifically designed and structured to be able to respond to their needs.  

Brainstorm helps for example to create the basis for a text and provide the right inspiration, whereas Industry Trends shows an overview of the most important news with continuous real time updates. For content creation, when using Brief a writer you can rely on expert copywriters to create customized content based on specific requests. There is also a tool for SEO Content and E-Commerce, which offers ad hoc content and provides detailed product sheets. With Translation, you can easily get texts in various languages thanks to automatic translations and professional translators. Lastly, Audio ↔ Text,  is designed to convert audio into text and vice versa, breaking down any format limitations.

“We are proud of this new version of the platform, based on the important heritage of copywriters and translators built over the years in the main European languages”, states Francesco Magnocavallo, Chief Product Officer at Contents. “We have renewed the underlying AI technology using GPT models. By working closely with researchers and engineers, we have been able to develop our products with advanced designs, often well ahead of the planned commercial releases. The same technology that we use on our self service platform is also the basis of the Enterprise Service Suit, where we support clients with a consulting and tailor made approach in the rapidly evolving world of automated publishing”.