sells to France Media to focus on AI business and opens a new office in Paris

― April 15, 2024

Taking advantage of the strategic exit of the media unit, is committed to enhancing the innovation of its core business and expanding its presence in France., market leader in the generation of content through Generative Artificial Intelligence, has decided to sell, one of the main business units of Contents Media, to France Media Group.

This decision reflects’s aim to use the proceeds of the sale to enhance and expand its core brand internationally.
This choice aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of becoming a benchmark in the tech landscape.

As part of this relocation strategy, announced the opening of a new office in Paris, in addition to its existing office in Lyon, confirming the brand’s commitment to the French market, known to be a fertile territory for tech companies.

“With the exit of we continue to strengthen our focus on B2B Enterprise, reinforcing our commitment to become a global point of reference in the creation of high quality content through AI, focusing on the needs of our customers and continuous innovation,” says the CEO, Massimiliano Squillace.

In January, the company announced a new $18 million Series B funding round, supported by significant European and American venture capital funds, with the aim of consolidating its global presence. The company’s determination to expand its international reach is evidenced by its team’s participation as a speaker at prestigious events such as the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and the well-known industry event World AI Cannes Festival.